A cactus is very sustainable; with little water it can survive and even thrive in the desert. This is something we felt inspired by, so we chose this plant to symbolize what we stand for.

In the past couple of years we've seen a shift in thinking sustainably and being conscious about the environment. Individuals and organizations are increasingly thinking about how to be more sustainable. We want to contribute to this green movement and make it easier for consumers to find green products and have a guilt-free shopping experience! This is how Guilt-free Cactus came about.



Guilt-free Cactus stands for a sustainable, fair & fun way of doing business. We feel like companies have the responsibility to encourage consumers to make choices that have a positive impact on our society and environment.

Guilt-free Cactus focuses on sustainable products that fit the following keywords: unique, handmade, recycled, reused.



Our products are made of sustainable material: this means we make use of recycled & natural materials that do not harm the planet. It also means we make durable goods with the purpose of being used very often! Also, we pack our products without any plastic: we use carton which we encourage you guys to reuse or recycle.

Check the product descriptions to know what material they are made of.



We want to keep a small ecological footprint, to be fair to the environment. As stated above, we are allergic to plastic: our products & packaging are created without the use of plastic or other synthetic material. 

Also, we think it's important to have fair prices: for you, and for the suppliers of the products in our assortment. Last but not least, we donate €1 for every product sold to the ocean cleanup project.

Read one of our blogs to know more about the origin of our products!



We would like to give green products a fun image, and make it accessible to everyone. Sustainable products do not only have to be for your vegan friend, or your zero-waste neighbor. Everyone can make conscious buying-decisions without too much effort.